General Frequently Asked Questions

1. I already have an account. Do I need to create a brand new account to add my checking account information so that I may continue participating in the ANBTX Rewards program?
No. Simply sign in to your account, click “My Account” to access the eDeposit feature. 

2. I have never created an ANBTX account. Can I still sign up?
Yes! If this is your first time to the site, click “New Account, Start Here” on the Home Page and enter your information in the spaces provided.  Then click “Save and Continue” to save your information.

3. I am getting an error message when trying to save my checking account information. It says that my account is not found. What does this mean?
If you receive an error message that your account is not found, you may be entering a checking account number that is not eligible for the ANBTX  Rewards program. Please make sure the checking account number you enter is the checking account number attached to the debit card you use.

Or, you may be entering the correct account number, but the zip code is not the corresponding zip code for the address on your checking account. Please make sure your zip code matches the one found on your checking account information.

If your checking account is less than 30 days old, you will need to wait to add your account information until the 30 day period is over.  You can still create your rewards account by leaving the account number and zip code fields blank and completing the rest of the required information.  After 30 days, when you are signed in to your rewards account, click “My Account” to access the eDeposit feature. Then, you can add your account number and zip code to link your account number with your rewards account.  You will begin to receive points the following month.

4. Is it safe to enter my checking account number online?
Yes, the website has several security features in place to ensure that your personal information remains private.

5. If I do not want to enter my account number, can I still participate in the ANBTX Rewards program?
Since certificates for points earned are automatically deposited into your account, you must link your checking account to your rewards account. The only way to do this is by entering your checking account information into your account.

6. I just linked my account to my checking account for the first time. How do I get my points?
You will receive points for the month in which you are signing up as well as the previous month. For example, if you sign up in June you will receive points earned for May and June in July. In August you will receive your points for July and it will continue in that monthly cycle.
7. How often will my points be added to my account?
Once you’ve linked your account to your checking account, accrued points will be automatically added to your account on a monthly basis.
8. Will you let me know when my points are added?
Points will be added to accounts by the 15th of each month, so you will want to check your account each month after the 15th to see the points you’ve accrued. You will not receive a notification when certificates are deposited.
9. How will I know when my certificates expire if they are automatically added for me?
When you are signed in to your account, click “Rewards” and “Certificates”. You will see all of your active certificates, their point value and the expiration date for each.

10. Why are you no longer mailing paper certificates?
In our efforts to “Go Green” and cut down on paper waste, we have decided to update our systems to the e-Deposit method. Not only does it help the environment, but it helps save you time by no longer having to enter your certificates manually.

11. What if I do not have an email address?
You will need to have an email address to create an account.  If you do not have an email address, there are a variety of sites online that offer free email addresses.

12. How do I earn rewards points?
You must link your account to your checking account(s) to earn points for everyday purchases. You’ll earn one point for every $100 spent with a signature transaction and one-half point for every $100 spent with a PIN transaction. Points earned will be deposited directly into your account each month.  The determination of whether a transaction is a signature transaction or a PIN transaction is dependent upon how the transaction is reported to and logged by American National Bank of Texas (i.e., not all transactions for which a signature was required will necessarily be reflected as a “signature transaction”). Points earned will be deposited directly into your account each month.

You can also earn extra points by shopping online through the merchants listed on the website.  Simply log in to your account and click on SHOP ONLINE for all of the details.

Electronic Gift Card Questions

1. What is the difference between e-gift cards and regular gift cards?
E-gift cards are sent to you digitally in your rewards account, so that you may access them immediately after you have placed your order. Standard gift cards are mailed, and will ship from our warehouse within 5 business days after your order is placed. Delivery time subject to US Postal Service delivery process.

2. I placed my order, but did not receive the link for my selection. What should I do?
First, check your Junk Mail and/or Spam file for the email. If you do not see it in either or those areas, please call or email our customer service department.

3. Am I limited to how I use my e-gift card?

Redemption options vary by retailer. Depending on the e-gift card, they can be used in-store, online, via catalog or any combination of those. Please visit the retailer's online website for specific gift card terms and conditions.

4. Can I redeem my e-gift card in a store using a mobile device?
Redemption options vary by retailer. Please visit the retailer's online website for specific gift card terms and conditions.

5. How can I check the e-gift Card balance?
Check the terms and conditions on your e-gift Card for specific information on how to check a specific e-gift card balance.

6. Do I have to use the balance all at once? Or can I make multiple purchases at different times?
No, you may continue to use your e-gift card until the balance is zero. With some e-gift card codes, when you re-visit the retailer website after a purchase, you may see an updated balance for the new value of the e-gift card code. This may vary by brand.

7. Will my e-gift card expire?

Expiration dates may vary by retailer. Please read the terms and conditions for your e-gift card for more information.

8. If I want to print my e-gift card, do I need to use a special printer?
Most standard office and home printers are able to print e-gift cards. Quality of printing may vary by the printer used, however, the most important thing is that the code number below the e-gift card print clearly.

9. Do I need to print the e-gift card in color?
No, the e-gift card does not need to be printed in color.

10. What happens if I lose the e-gift card I printed?
You can always access your e-gift card information by clicking "Order History" when you are logged into your rewards site and selecting the appropriate gift card in your history.

11. My e-gift card instructions include using a secret code. Where do I find this?
Some e-gift cards require a secret code in order to be accessed. If you were issued a code, it will be found in your e-gift card redemption instructions. You will be prompted to input your secret code when you try to open your e-gift card.

12. What if I lose my secret code?

You can always access your secret code by clicking the "Order History" option and selecting the appropriate gift card in your order history.